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I am a passionate modelist (or rather an addicted one) always looking for creative solutions and new ideas that allow me to improve the quality of my projects, adding a new small detail to each creation.

I am a passionate amateur scholar of the modern  history and my subjects of choice are those that have to do with the development of the Italian Armed Forces.

However I don't shy away from a different project if it is stimulating and interesting!!!!!!!!!

In the development of my projects I strive to be adherent to the "historical truth", even if sometimes, I let myself go to some "creative interpretation", to give that touch of originality that every model maker should give to his projects.

On order I build models on all scales and all kinds (Out of the Box or super detailed, the choice is yours !!!) and I paint miniatures too (contact me freely for any information you want about it).

Not only I am not jealous of my projects but, I am a fervent supporter of sharing experiences, so  I am fully available to provide my knowledge in term of techniques, skills, tips and original procedures that I use in my realizations.

Also I would appreciate very much to receive comments, suggestions and also criticisms, because only in this way it will be possible for me to improve myself.