Flying over the village

Sometimes you don't need a complicated scenario or a complex environment to make your project stand out.

A simple setting can create the right atmosphere in which your subject is highlighted and valued.

In this case I used a small ceramic pot, lacquered in green and with an ideogram as the basis for my subject.

I filled it with DAS (artificial pasta for sculpting), I realized the undulation of the ground in order to recreate a hilly environment.

With small pieces of plasticard I scratched out the houses; for the vegetation thin copper wires and green stuff allowed to reproduce trees and landscape.

Then I bent over a steel rod in the desired shape and wrapped it in a green tube.

Having done so I fixed the Phantom as to simulate a passage on a small village somewhere in South East Asia.

The plane is flying its mission and therefore the details of the whole ground scenario fade away giving the impression of a passage at high altitude.

As you could appreciated, by the final results, the Phantom profile pop up from the scenario creating a nice 3d atmosphere and adding interest to a model that otherwise would have appeared less attractive and, let say, quite plain.

As you can see from the photos, this very simple scenario brings out the model in a decisive manner adding a touch of drama.


(F4-E Phantom II in 1/72 scale from Hesegawa, 0332,  OOB built)

F4 box art.jpg