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Good morning to all you addicted modellers and history buffs.

This site, and its blog, are dedicated to all those who love modeling, in all its forms and forms, and understand it as an aid to the deepening of history.

It is a site made by an amateur for amateurs, because I believe that modeling is above all fun and relaxation!

The creativity that each of us can express in this sector is the added value that makes this passion (hobby or mania depends on each of us) unique in its kind.

The site is open to everyone because you learn and improve only by sharing your experiences and making your talents available to others. Even the criticisms are good, and will be very welcomed, because they help you grow (as long as they are constructive, otherwise they are useless !!!). Modeling as a vehicle of history, because we are going to dig to find the right reference and the original source to give our projects the right dimension and the correct interpretation, without limiting our creativity in interpreting reality, making it a scaled representation. Therefore, I dedicated a page of the site to in-depth analysis of historical themes, large or small, in order to be able to explore our past to understand what we are.

The common thread of everything is represented by traditions, as moral ethical elements of fundamental importance for understanding events in their dimension. Historia vero testis temporum, lux veritatis, vita memoriae, magistra vitae, nuntia vetustatis (Cicero, De Oratore, II, 9, 36). To conclude, it is not necessary to be a professional model maker or a fanatic of the particular minute or an idolater of the sub-version of the modification applied to the last screw of the knob at the bottom left, to participate and contribute to the site and the forum, all of you are welcome and all of you can do it. Therefore welcome to all those who feel like modelers in their heart and soul and I wish you all a fantastic modeling timeat all. P.S. The two initial letters of the site name mean Line Zero ..........

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